Panagsama Beach Moalboal

Moalboal on Cebu in the Philippines

Moalboal is a town around 90km South West of Cebu City on Cebu Island. Since 1970 visitor from all over the world come every year to spend there vacation in Moalboal for diving, snorkeling, adventure and leisure. The most popular and famous spot in Moalboal is the Panagsama beach, where the most beach resorts, pension houses, dive shops, restaurant, souvenir shops, bars & pups are located. Tipolo Beach resort lies particularly in the center of 1 km long strip.

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How to get there

PRIVATE TRANSFER - This is the quickest and most convenient way to reach here and can be scheduled any time day or night is private transfer. We can arrange pick up from any point on Cebu Island. e.g. transfer from the int. airport to the our resort takes around 2.5 hours.

BY TAXI - Taxi are available in Cebu city and the Airport, there are no fix rates and negotiable for the trip to Panagsama Beach in Moalboal, 2500 peso would be a fair rate.

By PUPLIC BUS - From the Southern Bus Terminal there are every 30 min. departure from Cebu to Moalboal, Most of these are non air condition. Once you arrive Moalboal town you have to take a tricycle to Panagsama beach. Ask the driver to bring you to Planet Action or Tipolo Beach resort.

Place of interest in Moalboal

Kawasan Waterfall Cebu Pescador Island Cave Busay Moalboal White Beach MoalboalBatat Batat MoalboalCock fight MoalboalOsmenea Peak CebuCanyoning on CebuMoalboal Town


On the whole excellent weather all year round with a minimal risk of low pressure systems during the summer months . Hottest time of year is April and May, the 'coolest' time December to February. "High season" is traditionally middle December to early May, although the area is busy at weekends throughout the year and during any Asian Holiday. For accommodation at Christmas, Chinese New Year and Easter, book well in advance.


There are now ATM MACHINE in Moalboal, but sometime out of cash, so bring a bit extra cash in Peso or any major currency. Right no we don't accept credit cards. Bank transfers to our account is an option as payment as well. PAYPAL can be made used as a deposit without extra charge, but Paypal payments at the resort we charge 5% fees,


English is widely spoken. At Tipolo Beach Resort in Moalboal exist wireless internet for those that have to stay in touch, its easy. Pay phones, mobile phone load cards, fax and email are all available. 

Health and Medicine

No malaria in the area, but inoculations for Hep A, Typhoid, Polio and Tetanus are recommended, always check with your doctor. Bring high factor sun creams and insect repellent if you are prone to that type of thing, It's a rare occasion that you will need to put on more than shorts and a t-shirt. Common medicines (like antibiotics or aspirin) are available in Moalboal pharmacies and much cheaper than in Western countries. For emergencies, some hospitals reach western standards in Cebu City.


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